11/30/2004 01:19:00 PM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|My friend Brian (who is my friend Rachel's husband) made his voice heard at the ECC South Budget Hearing. Also, Rachel wrote an op-ed piece that was published in the Buffalo News. Yay for them. Is there hope for the libraries in Erie County? Let's hope so...|W|P|110183555206302470|W|P|Hooray for Brian and Rachel|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/29/2004 01:14:00 PM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|Here's a little something to do, emailed to me by R: ...while sitting at your desk right now. lift your right foot up and make little clockwise circles with it in the air. while doing that, make a number six in the air with your right index finger. why does my right foot switch directions? Why, indeed... (mine does too. try it!)|W|P|110174856188387095|W|P|Bored at work?|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/29/2004 10:48:00 AM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|There is a long-term sub position in English starting Dec. 20 in the school district that I used to cover for the News. I've contacted the HR guy personally. Please, please, please send me all the positive thoughts/prayers/whatever you possibly can. Say a chant, light a candle, dance naked in the moonlight... ;) I need to thank Eden for her help in both making me a new arrow graphic for my new template and assisting me in removing the arrows/dots from my sidebar. Yippee! Also, as NaNoWriMo draws to a close, I want to say thank you again to all those who have offered me encouragement and support. I did shockingly little writing over the Thanksgiving weekend, which means I'm not quite going to reach that personal goal of 25K, but I'm still not quitting. Help me keep at it. Bug me about writing. Those (few) of you who are reading, keep asking me for more. I WILL finish this. And as for the NaNo thing, there's always next year... ;)|W|P|110174388029684496|W|P|Request for positive vibes|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/29/2004 08:56:00 AM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|Yes, yes, I'm back. It was a long weekend of way too much food (I think that all I ate on Friday was turkey sandwiches and pie. Mmmm...pie...) So this weekend was the Lowest of the Low concert at Club Infinity. They played two shows, Friday and Saturday. R went with a couple of friends on Friday night...I went with Jen on Saturday. I was kinda bummed that we didn't get to go to the show together, because I hadn't seen him since Wednesday. I headed out a little bit ahead of Jen, thinking that I'd meet up with our Canadian friends and get our prime spot near the stage. It was around 9 when I got there, and the second opening act was just finishing up. I wandered around, not seeing any sign of our Low-going friends. I decided to take a position near the edge of the floor and wait for Jen...I glanced around, still looking for the blonde Canadian us-es (inaccurate, as one of them is no longer blonde, but oh well...). No sign of them, but who should I see... ...but R! Yay! I walked over to him and hugged him. "What are you doing here?" "I couldn't wait to see you," he said. Awww... :) The show was lots of fun, of course. A good mix of new stuff and old stuff. They played for about two solid hours. The crowd was energetic, but not as obnoxious as it can be sometimes. There was this one girl, who I think was actually shorter than me, who danced her way in front of us. In fact, she was so close that Jen assumed she was R's friend's girlfriend. Nope. She kept getting a little too close to me, and I would inch over a little bit closer to Jen. "I think I've seen her in a Great White video," R's friend said. Heh. Well, at any rate, a good time was had by all. My one disappointment was that I was denied the extended harmonica jam that had been happening at either the beginning or end of Letter from Bilbao. It's way cool, and they haven't done it in quite a while. *wistful sigh* I need an acoustic revue fix now...|W|P|110173845400494884|W|P|Your smile is fine, and it's just like mine|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/25/2004 02:32:00 PM|W|P|Erinna|W|P||W|P|110141118310354068|W|P|Happy Turkey Day!|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/25/2004 01:52:00 AM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|Well it�s comin' together I finally feel like a (wo)man, oh yes I do I never thought that I�d be where I am Everyday I wake a little bit higher Whoa I keep pushin on. Keep pushin', keep pushin', keep pushin', keep pushin' on Keep pushin', keep pushin', you know you have got to be so strong Keep pushin', keep pushin', well even if you think your strength is gone Keep pushin' on (REO Speedwagon)|W|P|110136211433339191|W|P|NaNo word count: 17,003|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/24/2004 11:09:00 AM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|Click here to read her Newsweek column "Life Begins at Converstion," where she tackles the abortion debate intelligently and tactfully. People will keep on reducing this discussion as best they can: God and freedom, rights and wrongs. But this will never be an easy issue to parse. It can't be; instead of fitting neatly into black-and-white boxes, it takes place in that messy gray zone of hard choices informed by individual circumstances and conscience.|W|P|110131276669860303|W|P|I *heart* Anna Quindlen|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/23/2004 01:21:00 PM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|One night while I was hanging out over at R's, I picked up a book of Rumi's poetry. I had not previously been familiar with his work (I don't know much about poetry--I was always more of a prose reader/writer--but I'm trying to learn), but I found myself so moved by this particular piece that I had to get my notebook and scribble down the title and look it up later. Looking for your face From the beginning of my life I have been looking for your face but today I have seen it. Today I have seen the charm, the beauty, the unfathomable grace of the face that I was looking for. Today I have found you and those that laughed and scorned me yesterday are sorry that they were not looking as I did. I am bewildered by the magnificence of your beauty and wish to see you with a hundred eyes. My heart has burned with passion and has searched forever for this wondrous beauty that I now behold. I am ashamed to call this love human and afraid of God to call it divine. Your fragrant breath like the morning breeze has come to the stillness of the garden You have breathed new life into me I have become your sunshine and also your shadow. My soul is screaming in ecstasy Every fiber of my being is in love with you Your effulgence has lit a fire in my heart and you have made radiant for me the earth and sky. My arrow of love has arrived at the target I am in the house of mercy and my heart is a place of prayer. Ahh...breathtaking, isn't it? R and I attended a reading at Rust Belt Books Sunday night. A good friend of R's was the scheduled reader, and I was utterly enthralled by her work. It was one of those, "wow...I wish I could do that" kind of moments. :) I've been feelingso inspired lately. I want to read more, learn more, write more. I want to finish my NaNovel. I want to write that screenplay my friend Anita asked me about. I want to see films I haven't seen, read books I haven't read... I've been through a lot of ups and downs this past year. I approached the great milestone birthday with trepidation, but it seems that it has brought me to a place of balance, of contentment, of confidence and security that I haven't previously known. There are many, many reasons for this, I think, but I believe it has at least a little something to do with this wonderful, amazing man who has so quickly become such an important part of my life. And for that, I say thank you.|W|P|110123538012068438|W|P|Waxing poetic|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/23/2004 09:57:00 AM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|Opinions? :) I'm planning on messing around with colors/fonts at some point, but I felt like my template needed to keep up with the times...|W|P|110122190866822263|W|P|New template|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/22/2004 11:35:00 AM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|Certainly not going to win any contests...but I'm still proud of my progress. My personal goal is now to hit 25,000 by the end of the month (certainly doable) and hit that ever-elusive 50K by the new year. And in the new year, I will write and revise and tweak and mold until I'm ending up with something vaguely resembling quality writing. :) Never say die, my friends. Never say die.|W|P|110114149884608786|W|P|NaNo word count: 16,634|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/22/2004 11:07:00 AM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|Anyone know how I can make those pesky blogsnob ads on my sidebar get in line with everyone else? :)|W|P|110113966186236342|W|P|Formatting help?|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/22/2004 10:21:00 AM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|I always knew I wasn't truly a Leo. Saw the How much do you match your zodiac sign quiz at Jen's blog, and decided to take it. I came out 47% Leo (my actual sign) and 73% Virgo. One day at Barnes & Noble, I picked up a zodiac book and learned that I have a strong Virgo rising. Makes sense. :)|W|P|110113704805587171|W|P|What's your sign?|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/21/2004 03:46:00 PM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|I've joined with my good friends Eden and Jam to form [Your Agenda Here], a place for us to help each other and the rest of the blogosphere stay informed and involved about issues that are important to us. Please stop by and feel free to add your own $.02. Thank you. :)|W|P|110107054943651722|W|P|Yet another blogging adventure|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/20/2004 02:37:00 PM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|Just spent several hours making apple pie and meatballs for the Urban Family Thanksgiving. I can't wait! :) Thanks to my dear roommie Jen for suggesting the idea. Thanks to our dear friend Rachel for offering her home for the festivities. Thanks to everyone who will be joining us! :)|W|P|110097959593648573|W|P|Good friends, good food|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/19/2004 11:23:00 PM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|(REPOSTED) Attention, all friends, fans and blog readers in the fair city of New York...my favorite Celtic rockers are going to be in your neck of the woods TONIGHT! jackdaw says, err... "hey, it's good to be back" to the states on the night after we return from ireland. the bitter end is at 147 bleecker street in manhattan between thompson street and laguardia place. feel free to contact them at 212 673-7030. Go check 'em out. I swear you won't be sorry. :)|W|P|110070896956425853|W|P|You won't leave till you hit the floor|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/19/2004 01:27:00 PM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|I was browsing Little Stephanie's blog today and decided to take the online IQ test. Unlike Stephanie, who is an "extraordinary genius," I'm just a plain ol' genius. ;) Thank you for taking the IQ Test at www.IQTest.com. We are confirming that your IQ Test score was: 143 Compare your score: Intelligence Interval Cognitive Designation 40 - 55 Mentally disabled (Less than 1% of test takers) 55 - 70 Learning difficulty (2.3% of test takers) 70 - 85 Below average 85 - 115 Average (68% of test takers) 115 - 130 Gifted 130 - 145 Genius (2.3% of test takers) 145 - 160 Extraordinary genius (Less than 1% of test takers) 160+ "Unmeasurable" genius|W|P|110088904330755583|W|P|Have I mentioned that I'm bored today?|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/19/2004 01:06:00 PM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|Thanks to Mac at pesky'apostrophe for bringing this to my attention: Santorum, R-Va./Is the senator an 'inhabitant' of Pennsylvania?|W|P|110088773924636124|W|P|Well, isn't this interesting...|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/19/2004 11:30:00 AM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|So my paper publishes this column by George Weigel that regularly gets me all riled up. I happened to be correcting the page with this column today. Here are some of my favorite bits: Judging from the post-election reaction of his more fervent journalistic and academic supporters, the Kerry candidacy was attractive because it represented the Europeanization, which is to say �secularization,� of American public life. A Kerry presidency would keep the great unwashed hordes of evangelicals at bay; a Kerry presidency would put assertive Catholic bishops in their place, leaving the field to the more �understanding� staffers at the bishops� conference and their episcopal allies; a Kerry presidency would regulate biotechnology in utilitarian terms (what works, we�ll do); a Kerry presidency would support the federal courts� efforts to legislate social policy, thus nailing down �choice� as the supreme value involved in the �social issues;� a Kerry presidency would insist that the right to life of the unborn and the traditional understanding of marriage are matters of �doctrine� that �cannot be imposed on a pluralistic society;� above all, a Kerry presidency would secure a virtually unlimited abortion license, the key to sustaining the �gains� (as these folks understand them) of the sexual revolution and the women�s movement. First of all, 'secularization' of American public life? This is a bad thing? I don't understand. As I've said before, one of the things I liked about Kerry was his determination to keep private faith out of public office. Some people don't seem to notice that we do, in fact, HAVE a pluralistic society. I personally believe that it IS wrong for a government to impose its morals/values onto the society at large, onto people who don't agree or believe as they do. Religious faith, in a European-style Kerry presidency, would be thoroughly privatized: a matter of what Americans do with their solitude, to paraphrase William James. Publicly assertive Catholics, and the even more rambunctious evangelicals, would be dealt a crushing blow. A crushing blow? Again, I don't get it. If someone running for president was dead-set on taking away the freedom to worship as one chooses, I would understand. If someone were telling "publicly assertive Catholics" and evangelicals that they would have to shut up and *abandon* their faith instead of simply saying that we (as a country) should acknowledge that not everyone here shares the same faith, well...that would be a different story. What Kerry�s secularist supporters can�t seem to understand is that the evangelicals, the John Paul II Catholics, and the observant Jews don�t need explaining; what needs explaining is the Harvard faculty club, Michael Moore, and most of the op-ed regulars at the New York Times � people who�ve persuaded themselves that a profound belief in the God of the Bible, expressed in a commitment to live by the Ten Commandments, is the fast track to fascism. They�re the anomaly, not the believers. First of all, how does 48 percent of the country become defined as "the anomaly"? Second of all, does anyone actually believe this? The problem is not, as Weigel says, "a profound belief in the God of the Bible." The problem is the possibility of the government forcing that belief (or at least the outward manifestations of that belief, ie gay marriage) onto the American public. I'm not even gonna touch the abortion/stem cell research stuff. My head hurts. |W|P|110088268005814096|W|P|Apparently, I'm an anomaly|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/19/2004 09:22:00 AM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|I make a damn fine meatball. :)|W|P|110087416493921696|W|P|Jen was right|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/18/2004 11:11:00 PM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|NEVER SURRENDER Corey Hart Just a little more time is all we're asking for Cause just a little more time could open closing doors Just a little uncertainty can bring you down And nobody wants to know you now And nobody wants to show you how So if you're lost and on your own You can never surrender And if your path won't lead you home You can never surrender And when the night is cold and dark You can see, you can see light Cause no one can take away your right To fight and never surrender With a little perseverance you can get things done Without the blind adherence that has conquered some And nobody wants to know you now And nobody wants to show you how So if you're lost and on your own You can never surrender And if your path won't lead you home You can never surrender And when the night is cold and dark You can see, you can see light Cause no one can take away your right To fight and never surrender To never surrender Still plugging away. :)|W|P|110083756432364042|W|P|NaNo word count: 15,025|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/18/2004 01:36:00 PM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|Check 'em out here: 27 Blog (R is skeptical of the actual power of 27. I'm determined to convert him.) ;)|W|P|110080307204513908|W|P|New 27s|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/18/2004 11:25:00 AM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|R's brother is in Fallujah. (The link goes to a snippet of a story at time.com, featuring his platoon.) Please join me in thinking good thoughts for him, his family and his platoon. May they come home safely. |W|P|110079563949891670|W|P|A yellow ribbon|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/17/2004 10:00:00 PM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|Um, that would be my beloved West Wing. I was dismayed at the start of this season. It wasn't lookin' good, folks. But lo, after those first two dismal episodes (seriously...that whole leaving Leo in the woods bit? I'm trying to purge it from my mind) things are looking up. I was skeptical about CJ's promotion, but it's actually quite enjoyable (if unrealistic). Toby doing the press briefings is hilarious. The funny is back. The dialogue, while not quite Sorkinesque, is smart and funny. In these past couple of episodes, I've laughed out loud, cheered, and been genuinely moved. I no longer feel like the characters are simply empty shells of what they once were. Kudos to whomever's been doing the writing. Keep it up, folks!|W|P|110074722560985954|W|P|It's back, baby!|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/17/2004 09:13:00 AM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|For the two or three of you who are reading, you'll notice that I haven't posted the latest 2,000 words yet. They'll be there soon. ;) If I can average about 2,500 words a day (hahaha) for the rest of the month, I could actually finish this thing. Can she do it? Stay tuned... ;)|W|P|110070105429753191|W|P|NaNo word count: 14,056|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/16/2004 01:22:00 PM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|Because I love wasting time. I've seen this before, but Stephanie sent it to me today. So here ya go:

Which John Cusack Are You?
I've actually never *seen* Bullets Over Broadway. Guess I should, huh? |W|P|110062583889094678|W|P|Yep, another quiz|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/16/2004 08:43:00 AM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|Ahem. ;) My article on NaNoWriMo is up at Toasted Cheese: Quantity, not Quality Thanks again to those who helped out!|W|P|110061270121398500|W|P|Do as I say....|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/15/2004 09:18:00 AM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|Yep, still plugging away. I didn't get much done this weekend because I went to Cleveland for my friend Jen's baby shower. The good news is, once I get through today and tomorrow getting crap done at work, I will have a LOT of free time at work. :)|W|P|110052849478015176|W|P|NaNo word count: 11,607|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/12/2004 11:23:00 AM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|Remember what I was saying last week, about having little hope about my divided country being put back together? It seems like every day I get more and more discouraged. There have always been radicals on both ends of the ideological spectrum. Quite frankly, extreme radicalism has always frightened me. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm just not seeing it, but it feels like the bottom is falling out from underneath the middle ground. I've always considered myself a middle-of-the-road kinda gal...I've always seen the value of cooperation. No, we're not going to agree on everything, but in order for progress to be made, we need to find the middle, seek the happy medium, encourage cooperation between politicians on both sides of the divide. Lately, though, my reaction to what I perceive as excessive extremism from the right is a shift further left. As evidence, I give you these two pieces which are making the rounds on various blogs. Fuck the South A Modest Proposal The former is a bitter, angry diatribe expressing frustration over Kerry's loss. The latter suggests that the red states kick out the blue states. I don't see anyone taking "Fuck the South" too terribly seriously. I do, however, fear that Thompson's "Modest Proposal" might be. The further question on that is, did he mean it to be? I'm not sure. I forwarded the link to R, and he responded with the question "do you think it's possible that this is a very clever liberal wakeup call?" Hmm. Good question. I don't know what the answer is. Back to the point I was originally trying to make...my biggest fear is that this loss of the middle, this ever-growing extremism on either side, could be permanently damaging. And Electablog agrees with me: We expect extremism from the valleys of deep red and deep blue. We also expect that extremism to be scorned by the rest of us who supposedly live along the purple mountains of moderate majesty. We got a lot of extremism. We didn't get much scorn... The medium, we are told, is the message. Well, in American politics, for most of us, the message should be medium. But it's not. And the American middle sold its own soul for the privilege of being silent in an anything to win era. The sane center is shrinking while the margins are just a little less marginalized. |W|P|110027811601319822|W|P|The (new) war between the states|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/11/2004 08:21:00 PM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|Wow, does THAT feel good. :)|W|P|110022254118035894|W|P|NaNo word count: 10,236|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/11/2004 09:22:00 AM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|I just got one of those Catholic email forwards, this one a call to action to block Sen. Arlen Specter from becoming chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Why? Because: Soon, the Republican members of the Judiciary Committee must select a chairman to replace the term-limited Sen. Orin Hatch, who generally has voted pro-life. Ordinarily, this job would go to the most-senior Republican committee member who does not chair some other major committee. However, in this case, that senior committee member is Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa. Specter would be a disaster as chairman of the Judiciary Committee. He has a strongly pro-abortion record, and he is one of the leading champions of human cloning. In 1987, as a member of the Judiciary Committee, Specter played a key role in defeating President Reagan's nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Robert Bork, an opponent of Roe. On Nov. 3, the day after the election, Specter said he considers Roe v. Wade "inviolate," and indicated that nominees who do not support abortion cannot be confirmed. The term "pro-abortion" is what I find most irksome. I've said this before, I know, but I'll say it again. I would be shocked to speak to someone who *likes* the idea of abortion. This terminology was so ingrained into my consciousness that it wasn't until I went to college that I realized one could be pro-choice AND be personally opposed to the idea of abortion. That's, like, what pro-choice means. The notion of being "pro-abortion" is completely ludicrous to me. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that what Specter said is that he doesn't believe Roe should be oveturned, and that he would not be in favor of confirming nominees who do. Which is not quite what this email says. Bad, bad Republican Arlen Specter, for not falling in with the super-conservative party line. You are eeeeeeevil.|W|P|110018348957370207|W|P|Something that irks me|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/10/2004 02:18:00 PM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|Whee! Thanks again for the generous outpouring of support. I can't tell you how much it means to me. Again, anyone interested in reading a bunch of truly horrible prose can email me or post a comment, and I'll send the link. It's a relationship story. The main character, Kate, goes through a bad breakup and decides to plunge back into the dating scene. (Sound familiar? ;) ) Like I said before, I see it as much more a series of short stories than a "novel" per se. I had an interview this morning, which I feel relatively positive about. It was for a public relations job, not a teaching job, but you know...whatever. ;) I was also quite surprised at work with a small bonus check for all my hard work, and the offer of an extra comp day. I think they know I want (need) out, and are trying extra hard to make me feel appreciated. Still, it was nice. Okay, I've wasted too much of my workday not doing work already...Ta ta!|W|P|110011479216573589|W|P|NaNo word count: 8632|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/09/2004 11:18:00 AM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|Yes, it's a little pathetic, but I am forcing myself to NOT give up. Listening to the little voice that says "you'll never make it" is just counterproductive. I have to look at it this way...this is the most I've written, not to mention the most regularly I've written, in a VERY long time. And I'm going to keep plugging away. I'm going to finish this story. As I said, I tend to write in about 700-word bursts. The thing is, I tend to do that fairly easily. I just need to do MORE of them. Will I be listed among the NaNo winners this year? Perhaps not, but I have to think of that as a secondary goal now. Encourage me. Do not let me give up. ;)|W|P|110001730230766328|W|P|NaNo word count: 6365|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/08/2004 09:08:00 AM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|So yeah, I did manage to write a bit yesterday. I'm still behind, but I'm trying not to let that get me down. ;) Had a busy weekend...Friday night, I started the second session of my cheerleading class. I have 13 girls signed up this time around! Actually, I found that it went more smoothly with a slightly larger group than with the very small one. I had one mom offer her help, as she was a cheerleader for 14 years. AND she was a Buffalo Jill. Sigh. She just looks like one of them. Tiny, blonde, and perky. The perfect suburban mom. Blah. The little girl's name is McKenzy (yeah, it's spelled like that), and she's a nice kid, although probably a little overzealous. She already knows how to do a herky. (That's a jump. Although when I was an instructor, we were instructed to call it by its real name, which I can't remember.) I've also got permission to order some teaching materials. I'm in desperate need of new material. So, yay. After that, I brought R to a work party, so that was interesting. He spent a good chunk of time talking with one of my coworkers who is an uber-fan of an obscure progressive rock band that he happens to know. Heh. Continued my film education with The Fisher King, which I had not previously seen. I loved it. R has a very good record so far...he hasn't shown me anything I haven't liked. :) I wasted a whole bunch of time yesterday. Seriously. I have no idea where it went. Jen and I did get a chance to spend a bit of time with Susan yesterday...we met her for coffee/hot chocolate on her way out of town. And she asked us both to be in her wedding. I can't even begin to say how touched and honored I am. I was just talking about the fact that I had never been in a friend's wedding. My motto seemed to be never a bridesmaid. ;) I know how happy she is, and I will be so happy to stand up for her on her big day. I love you, Suse! Now, what am I supposed to be doing? Oh. Yeah. Working...|W|P|109992386275490576|W|P|NaNo word count: 5685|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/05/2004 01:44:00 PM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|I saw this map on a coworker's door and laughed out loud. A quick google search led me to Matthew Yglesias's blog. Enjoy!|W|P|109968038896888572|W|P|Redistricting|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/05/2004 01:43:00 PM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|But if I were a Canadian province, I'd be Ontario. (Thanks, Stephanie!) HASH(0x8b54ca0)
You're Ontario. You like comraderie and will do
whatever you can to fit in with your desired
crowd. You may even be very exclusive in who
you associate with. Money and status means a
lot to you. But try not to let those desires
rule your life.

What Canadian Province Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla Money and status? Me? I wonder which question I answered that gave the quizmaster that idea. Maybe it was the one about the frou-frou drinks. ;)|W|P|109967674488293971|W|P|I am (not) Canadian|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/05/2004 01:25:00 PM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|I'm trying not to let the fact that I didn't write AT ALL yesterday discourage me. Sigh. I am posting my incoherent ramblings, so if you're really, really interested in the story, send an email or leave a comment and I'll send you the url. You just have to promise not to criticize too much...emphasis is quantity. Quality comes later, in the rewrite. ;) I have a new computer at work! Yay! In reality, it's not "new" exactly. My boss got a brand new one, so I inherited the old one. It is light years better than what I was using. And I have iTunes! I'm happily loading bunches of music for my listening pleasure...this will make my days here ever so much more tolerable. (More money would make them even more so, but...) Hrm. I feel like there was more I wanted to say...|W|P|109967607832394009|W|P|NaNo word count: 4927|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/04/2004 10:15:00 AM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|Sometimes you read something and think, "Damn. I wish I had written that." This is one of those times. Please hop over to Tequila Mockingbird and read this post about the presidential election. Apart from the bit about once being a registered Republican, I'm with her all the way. I'm scared, too. The one thing that I will add is that, it seems to me, the country has become more divided in these past few years, not less so. It makes me sad. It makes me even sadder that I do not have one ounce of faith in President Bush's willingness or ability to put us back together. It makes me sad to know that so many of my fellow Americans' "morals" hinge on hate and intolerance. Yesterday, while I was in my editor's office, I spotted a letter to the editor written in response to a local Catholic college's participation in National Coming Out Day. This woman was outraged and sickened by the display. I wish I had a copy of the letter in front of me. It sickened me. I don't understand how so many people can spew such venom in the name of God. If your God tells you such hatred is good, just and holy, I don't want any part of it. How can these people call themselves Christians? I will never understand.|W|P|109958136061640410|W|P|Right on...|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/03/2004 06:05:00 PM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|So here -- so with a grateful heart -- I leave this campaign with a prayer that has even greater meaning to me now that I've come to know our vast country so much better. Thanks to all of you and what a privilege it has been. And that prayer is very simple: God bless America. Thank you. -John Kerry|W|P|109952318539834397|W|P|...land that I love|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/03/2004 09:47:00 AM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|My regular blog posts will probably be light and sporadic this month, what with the whole novel-writing thing going on. I've made a reasonable start, and I hope to keep it going! I have a good deal of other things on my mind as well...the article I need to write for TC by the 15th, the submissions for TC I need to read by the, oh, 20th? My class (for which I will soon have more papers to read and grade). Oh, and continuing to look for one of those pesky job things. In election news? Bah. Whatever. I just want it to be over soon, so I can go on with my silly, mundane life. I colored my hair last night...those grays were starting to get pesky. I decided to pick a different color than my normal dark auburn tendencies and went for the dark brown. Darkest brown, to be precise. They weren't kidding. I know it will fade to a reasonable shade within a few days, but right now? Wow. It is dark. |W|P|109949337962890279|W|P|NaNo word count: 3310|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/02/2004 09:15:00 AM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|Said visit to the home of my parents was, of course, in Pennsylvania. As you know, Pennsylvania is a swing state. Ten minutes of watching television, and I was ready to KILL MYSELF. "No, seriously, how long have you been putting up with this?" "A long time," my mother said. "I don't think I'd turn on the television EVER." Every commercial break there were at least three campaign ads IN A ROW. GAAAAAAAAH.|W|P|109940501444031415|W|P|I cannot believe I forgot to mention this...|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com11/01/2004 07:14:00 PM|W|P|Erinna|W|P|Yes, NaNoWriMo has officially begun. I'll keep you updated on my progress. It's been a busy weekend. Jackdaw Friday night. (Sadly, I did not get a photo of my most excellent costume. Will have to re-enact, for posting purposes!) Visit with my little Saturday. Trip home to visit the parental units, arriving back in lovely Buffalo today. Much work to be accomplished tonight. Blah. Missing R, who has been in Ohio at a convention all weekend. Looking forward to seeing him tomorrow! Wishing the warmest of congratulations to my dear friend Susan, who is engaged. Congrats, Susan! Ummm...that's all I've got for now. Sorry I'm not more interesting today!|W|P|109935471798170523|W|P|And it begins...|W|P|27chronicles@gmail.com